Cedar Park Church is pleased to work cooperatively

with counselling professionals to provide support to the communities of Delta, Richmond and South Surrey.

Linda Saucy Counselling

Linda’s care for people impacts every level of the therapeutic experience. She specializes in facilitating the process of growth and change with individuals who find themselves navigating any number of the following issues: depression, anxiety, grief and loss, separation, relational stress, impacts of abuse, self-esteem, and spirituality.

Linda works collaboratively with the individual, couple or family to explore feelings, longings, and strengths. This experiential dynamic creates an awareness that in turn empowers the individual to discover choice and freedom.

Linda Saucy is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. She holds a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy Degree.

To find out more about Linda’s counselling services, rates, and scheduling, visit her website.

Malcolm Cameron, Ph.D., RCC

Malcolm’s professional path has been that of engaging clients in therapeutic conversations concerning their past, their present, and their future. Most, if not all of these conversations focus on making sense of psychological, emotional, relational and spiritual unrest. Malcolm is a believer in assisting clients toward experiencing personal resilience despite the inherent challenges of life.

Clinically, Malcolm adheres to a relational therapeutic approach, enriched by evidence based therapies.  Malcolm places a high value on creating a safe, non-threatening therapeutic environment that enables effective outcomes.

Malcolm can be reached at:

604-319-1346 (confidential voicemail)

Marshlands Expressive Arts Therapy

Certified Expressive Arts Therapist Kim Balke (Bachelor of Arts in Child Studies) also offers services in expressive arts therapy.  This practice has emerged from the field of psychotherapy as a means of therapeutic support that taps into our creative processes. It is a “low skill” approach, which means that you do not have to have skill with drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. in order to be engaged.  It has an emphasis on process rather than product.

See this link for a closer look at the art therapy practice.

For inquiries regarding expressive arts therapeutic support (hours,workshops, etc.) please contact Kim Balke.