Feel afraid, helpless or uncertain when you see hurtful, violent or discriminatory behaviour in your community? Through the Active Witnessing model, gain the skills to respond effectively in the practical and meaningful workshop that will empower you to take action!” The workshop will take place May 11, 6-9pm at ThirdSpace, #1-1381 George Street, White Rock. $5 at the door. See attached informational poster. Register here: https://leadershiftbcc.ca/events/the-power-of-active-witnessing-white-rock/


  1. Anyone planning to go to this and want to carpool? email me at lee@cedarparkchurch.org

  2. This was a fantastic session! The instructor, Angela Brown of SFU, equipped us with practical non-violent strategies for responding to discriminatory behavior. If you see Active Witnessing training offered anywhere, I would highly recommend taking it.

  3. I received detailed notes from the instructor of this workshop. Email me if you would like a copy of the materials. It would be a good introduction.

  4. Yes Lee I would like a copy of the workshop’s notes.

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