Back to Myanmar

Mar 5, 2019

Cayla and I have arrived in Myanmar!

It’s been a rough few days…I got really sick. Fever, vomiting, and terrible headaches. We had to take 4 flights to get from Bangladesh to Myanmar and if I’m being honest, I was about ready to jump on a plane and come home to Vancouver. All I wanted was my ER family to help make me feel better. I was convinced I had Dengue… I guess we still don’t know for sure what I had but I’m starting to feel a lot better!

Thank you for everyone who have been praying for us. And a huge thank you to Cayla for carrying my bags through the 4 airports and not being embarrassed by me lying on the cold, gross airport floors any chance I got.  I still have a pretty awful headache and some nausea but overall, much better! And it is so nice to be here with Dave and Louise and back in Yangon. Brings back so many great memories of our trip here in November with the rest of the Cedar Park Church crew. Today Cayla and I spent the entire day relaxing, sleeping, going for a short walk, then sleeping some more. I think it is exactly what we needed. We plan to spend the next few days debriefing with Dave and Louise, trying to sort through all my convoluted and complicated thoughts and emotions from our last few weeks in Bangladesh. And then we’ll need to prepare for our next journey to the Lighthouse Farm and begin the next phase of this crazy, emotional, wonderful adventure.


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Cayla and Janelle