Baptism & Membership


Membership at Cedar Park Church exists as a way for us to express commitment to each other as a faith community. In membership, we commit to share our lives so that we might follow Jesus better together, as we seek to glorify God, love each other, and join God in restoring peace to the world.

Read more here to learn more about what membership is and how we commit to following Jesus together.


Becoming a Member

  • Interest Form
    Fill out this form to let us know you are interested in exploring what membership means at Cedar Park.
  • Welcome to the Family Evening
    Attend a dinner and discussion to learn more about Cedar Park’s history, heritage, and values. At this informal evening you will have a chance to share briefly about your spiritual journey. We will also talk about what it means to identify with a local church, explore some of the emphases of Anabaptist theology, and share Cedar Park’s vision for following God together in community.
  • Let’s get together
    After the dinner, someone will follow up with you to schedule a meeting where you can ask any further questions you have and find our more about getting connected to the Cedar Park community.
  • Share your story
    Attend one of our Church in Ministry meetings (held several times a year on Sunday nights) and briefly introduce yourself to the Cedar Park family.


Baptism is a rich and deeply meaningful event. Through baptism we publicly declare and celebrate our relationship with Jesus Christ. Like a diamond, there are several different and beautiful sides to baptism such as cleansing, unity, new life, and commitment.


Being Baptized

  • Let’s get together
    The first step is to meet with a pastor to learn more about what baptism means. Contact pastor Lee over email or in person to schedule a time to meet.
  • Joining Cedar Park Session
    Baptism is just the beginning of our ever-deepening relationship with Jesus. Attend our Joining Cedar Park Session to learn more about following Christ in community here at Cedar Park.
  • Take the plunge
    Invite your friends and let’s celebrate your commitment to Christ and his commitment to you! Baptisms can take place during a Sunday service or at the beach depending on preference and scheduling.
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