Better together

A Family Partnership Initiative

Our Vision

To see intergenerational families connecting and establishing relationships that encourage and support each other.


Our Goals

  • To connect a Family (with children at home) with a Partner (older adult individual or couple) to cultivate a relationship that is mutually beneficial.
  • To see families and marriages supported through practical help, prayer support and encouragement.
  • To see older adults experience fulfillment by using their time, gifts and experience to impact and enrich the lives of younger families.
  • To see marriages grow and thrive as a result of the extra support and encouragement received.
  • To see this initiative grow so that all CPC families have the support and assistance they need to navigate through the parenting years.


Why are Family Partnerships necessary?

Many young families struggle with finances, parenting demands (childcare, transporting kids, reading assistance), practical needs (yard work, vehicle maintenance) and trying to find time to invest in their marriage and relationships.

Many older adults have time, skills and experience but few opportunities to share these with others. Being able to invest in others brings a sense of fulfillment, significance and the reality that they are still needed.

The Better Together Family Partnership Initiative draws these people together for mutual benefit and enrichment.


What would a Family Partnerships look like?

Every partnership will look different. Families and Partner(s) will each fill out a questionnaire that will provide information such as names and birthdays of each family member and partner, interests, ways you could use/offer support and the kind of time investment you are able to commit. Families and Partners will then be prayerfully matched and provided an opportunity to meet and discuss what kinds of connecting points will work for them. Some options are:

  • Meeting for dinner once a month
  • Acknowledging birthdays, anniversaries and special events
  • Praying for the families and children
  • Providing childcare so parents can attend a small group or go on a date night
  • Assist with tax returns, gardening projects, appliance repairs, etc.
  • Provide counsel and mentoring on pertinent issues
  • Keep an eye on the others home while away on a trip
  • Attend children’s hockey games, piano recital or school play


Sign Up

Use the buttons below to sign up as a partner couple or family. Download, fill out the form, and drop it by the church office during the week (Mon-Thurs.) or on a Sunday morning. Contact us with any questions.