Cedar Park Church In-Person Sunday Gatherings
UPDATED, MArch 24, 2022

Pre-registration is not required. Let’s be mindful of how we gather and how best to care for each other and the wider community. Please do not attend an in-person service if you are not feeling well. You can assess yourself here.

All Sunday services can be viewed via livestream from CPC’s YouTube channel. See link at:

The Province has declared “wearing masks in public indoor settings is not required by public health… Wearing a mask is a personal choice.” We realize that this elicits a variety of emotions and responses, from great relief to heightened anxiety. So, in the spirit of loving our neighbour as ourselves, we encourage the following:

  • Please continue bringing a mask to our Sunday gatherings. We’ll continue to provide them in the foyer.
  • Feel free to continue to wear a mask if you prefer.
  • Anyone who’d prefer not to continue wearing a mask, feel free not to wear one — but consider being prepared to put one on temporarily when engaging closely with someone who has chosen to wear one, out of consideration for them.

Everyone eligible is encouraged to be fully vaccinated. However, currently there are no vaccination requirements to join CPC gatherings.   

There is no formal kids programming, but kids are welcome to join the service. Those with children may find the couches in the sanctuary allow children more room.

Consider using hand sanitizer upon entering the church. Hand sanitizing stations are available at the main entrance and in the foyer.

Joining our voices together is encouraged.

Physical Distancing
Let’s remember that not everyone will feel the same level of comfort about handshakes, hugs, and distancing. Let’s be mindful of each other’s level of comfort around these matters and seek to show grace, love, and respect. Ask, “Would it be alright if I sat here, or would you prefer I keep more distance? Are you comfortable shaking hands or would you prefer we bump elbows?”

Offering plates will not be passed around but giving can be done electronically, or cash and cheque can be placed in an offering box in the foyer. 

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