COVID-19 UPDATE (Nov 19 – Jan 8, 2021)

  • Regular Office Hours are in Effect
  • All in-person small, medium and large gatherings are on hold (including small groups)
  • Please make an appointment to meet with a pastor – no drop-ins
  • Weddings and Funerals limited to immediate family only (max 리니지2 레볼루션. 10, including officiant)
  • Masks mandatory at all times while in the building, even while 6ft apart – except when working alone at a desk
  • Please place Christmas Donations in Large Boxes located in Lobby (Sophia will secure them in a locked room)
  • All staff and visitors are to answer a COVID-19 screening questionnaire upon arrival

Please do not enter the building if feeling ill or if you have been travelling outside of the country or if you have been in contact with a person exposed to COVID-19

  • Keep 2m apart
  • Sign In to share Contact Information in case of Contact Tracing

Questions and Concerns
Feel free to contact elders Carol Johnson or Roger Loades if you have questions, feedback, or concerns 다운로드.

Corporate Gatherings

Sunday Services In-Building Update
While some congregations have moved towards gathering in-building, Cedar Park Church has held off, but not without intention 다운로드. Here are some reasons and plans behind our approach at this time.

We are currently putting together a plan for a long-term video solution to allow for live streaming of our Sunday services, as well as other celebrations and meetings 무모한도전 다운로드. Even after the eventual lifting of COVID restrictions, which may take years, having reliable video streaming capabilities will be an important connection tool 이차원의 저격수 다운로드. We are hoping to avoid an interim video solution by focusing on a long-term solution, which takes some thorough research and consulting.

The beginning of school and other activities creates increased anxiety and the possibility of further restrictions across generations. The multitude of uncertainties makes it quite possible that in-person gatherings may be further restricted, as was the case in Ontario last week. Thus we have held off on <50 in-person Sunday gatherings for the time being.

Many among us are vulnerable or care for those who are, and so we desire to be responsible, selective, and wise with our interactions and activities. To move forward as a collective, with as many of us as possible, we are taking a slow and steady approach.

Listening Groups
In the book of Acts, we see Jesus followers frequenting smaller gatherings (often in homes) for prayer, teaching, and the breaking of bread. Many of our activities have been altered or removed due to COVID restrictions, but many aspects of smaller gatherings can continue. *Smaller group settings allow for consistent gatherings, and flexibility in method and modes of gathering, online, in-person or a hybrid approach. And so, small gatherings are our focus in this season to mature our community in Christ, as well as discern timely values to help us navigate the coming days.

*Nov. 19 update: All in-person gatherings are on hold, moving all Listening Groups to an online format.

Feel free to contact any member of the Pastoral Staff if you have any questions about our plans this fall.

Darren, Megan, and Lee