Finding People of Peace

by Nov 7, 2017

God is doing amazing things in the hearts and homes of people we meet day to day, we need to be the watering cans to make those seeds grow.

I followed a call, and knew it was right to go out of my comfort zone

I was an intern at Lighthouse church over the summer. They had three positions and only three people applied so, I got to work with two other college students. I filled the children and outreach internship role. I planned lessons and activities for their children ministry. Three mornings of the week I worked in the office in Ladner and afternoons I was in Steveston working with children. Fridays, we would do prayer walking in Steveston and I would serve in Steveston for church on Sunday. Interesting enough, coming from Cedar Park Church to work at a denomination I am less familiar with was one of the most impacting times of my life, despite missing this home, I followed a call, and knew it was right to go out of my comfort zone.

One of the most awe-inspiring experiences I had was when a group of MB missionaries from Kansas came up and we came alongside them teaching them how to prayer walk. Just as it says in Luke 10: 1-23, we were looking for people of peace, people who are vulnerable and open to us. We all got into pairs and I paired up with a leader of one of the groups. We walked around Steveston talking to people and explaining what we were there to do, blessing the community with prayer, we got some yes’s, many said ‘no thank you’ but at the end, we were prompted to pray for this next person walking towards us. He was an older gentleman walking with his cane upside down with a bright pink collared shirt and we started with asking him how he was and he replied saying that he was happy, we told him what we were doing and asked if he had anything we could pray for. Right away, he said yes for my leg, and there was a cut just about all the way down his entire leg with many staples in it (from a surgery). We asked him for his name, which was Collin, and if we could lay our hands on him and so we did and as the Spirit led I began to pray and the words flowed out of my mouth; a prayer of healing and power, thanking God for Collin’s joy and that our paths crossed, that he was loved by God so much. This brought tears to his eyes and he thanked us and told us that even though his day was going well it was going a lot better now that he was prayed for. I felt so encouraged and in awe, I literally could not stop smiling at what God had done through me.

Through this, I know that I will still be afraid to publicly speak or to talk to strangers, but if I obey God and step into that fear he can do incredible things because honestly in our weakness God is strong and he delights in us when we obey him. My thoughts of being young and inexperienced did get in the way occasionally but even when I feel weak in my faith at times, God’s grace and mercy are sufficient. This shows our love for him. So, never stop stepping out and keep saying yes to God. And pray, pray, pray.

It was difficult, stretching, but I grew.

Let the Spirit lead.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.


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