Global Impact

Focused Engagement

Opening our eyes to the oppression, violence, and injustice in the world can be an overwhelming experience 다운로드. In order to help our church community meaningfully engage global issues with an outward orientation, Cedar Park has chosen to narrow our focus to three geographical areas where people have not had much exposure to the gospel – India, the Arab world, and Southeast Asia aoa 심쿵해 mp3 다운로드. We currently offer long term and active support to missionaries and organizations who serve in these areas. Below are snapshots of some of the missionaries and cross-cultural partnerships Cedar Park has on-going relationships with. In addition to these church-wide focal areas, individuals and LIFE Groups at Cedar Park are involved with global ministries in Guatemala, Haiti and other countries 다운로드.

Change The World

In order to foster a multi-generational engagement in missions, we as a church community support our cross-cultural ministry partners through prayer, financial giving, and visiting them to bear witness to their ministry 한희정 내일 다운로드. Cedar Park divides each year into four, three month seasons, within which we specifically highlight one of our focus areas.

  • Thailand/Burma: January – April
  • India: May – August:
  • Arab world: September – December

During these four month spans, we educate our community about the specific people we are partnering with through:

  • Teachable moments during the service
  • Guest speakers, including the missionaries we support, who minister about our focus areas
  • Seminars offered outside our regular service time
  • A weekly “Change the World” offering where we invite everyone to participate – including kids 피카츄버전 다운로드!


The Dalit people — also known as “Untouchables” — have been the most oppressed caste for over 3,000 years, living at the bottom of India’s rigid social order 다운로드.  There are 250 million men, women, and children in this caste, which is about ¼ of the population of India and seven times the entire population of Canada 아프리카tv vod 다운로드.

Cedar Park partners with the Dalit Freedom Network  to help raise awareness in Canada about the plight of the Dalit people in India 다운로드. In supporting DFN, we help offer the following resources to the Dalit people:

  • Education for vulnerable Dalit children
  • Vocational training for men and women
  • Public health resources
  • Knowledge about the God who created and loves them

Our latest Change the World Project helped fund the work of a public health worker names Shalilaja who serves a Good Shepherd school located in a slum in central India 계획표 양식.

Thailand & Myanmar

Cedar Park partners with MB Missions to help share the love of Jesus in Thailand 다운로드. One of our primary relationships in Thailand is with the Dave and Louise Sinclair-Peters. The Sinclair Peters have been planting churches, multiplying cell groups, and discipling people in Thailand for over ten years. Over the years the Sinclair Peters found that more and more Burmese refugees were responding to the gospel and showing a desire to risk their well being by returning to Burma to share the love they have experienced in Christ. Currently, Cedar Park is supporting the Sinclair-Peters as they seek to support young Burmese Christians plant churches around the country.

Arab World

In the wake of the Arab Spring and in light of the ongoing turmoil in much of the Arab world, many people are asking questions about faith, suffering, and Jesus. Cedar Park supports two missionaries who come from a Tunisian Muslim background. For years this committed couple has been using multimedia platforms (including TV and social media) to share the gospel with people in the Arab world. Currently they are developing an elearning based discipleship program to provide theological and spiritual tools to Arabic-speaking inquirers in Canada and abroad.