2021 Volunteer Sign-up

Please read through all the options below and follow the correct link to register to volunteer with Imagine That!

Camp 1 – July 19-23, 2021
Camp 2 – August 9-13, 2021

Camps run Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 12:30pm.

Guides and Supervisors (4-5 volunteers / week)

Due to COVID safety concerns, parents will not be permitted to enter the main building. As a guide and supervisor volunteer, you will help guide and escort campers to ensure they know where to go as they enter, exit and move about the building. 
During session time, you will be stationed at entry points to answer any questions and provide some security. 
Between sessions during outdoor snack time, you will assist in supervising the parking lot area to make sure kids are safe from traffic.

Cleaning Team (4-5 volunteers / week)

To ensure maximum health and safety for children, staff, and volunteers, cleaning volunteers are responsible for sanitizing high-touch surfaces throughout the morning, doing a thorough wipedown of classroom surfaces and equipment between sessions, and performing a final sanitization/tidy of areas after campers have left for the day.
If you’d like to be involved but have minimal interaction with campers, this is the role for you.

Session and Teacher Support (5+ volunteers / week)

As a session and teacher support, you will work directly to support teachers and children in any ways they might need (ie: washing paint brushes, facilitating brainstorming, escorting kids to the bathroom, etc). You DO NOT need any artistic abilities, just a heart and willingness to offer a calm, encouraging presence to children.

1 on 1 Support (1+ volunteers / week)

Imagine That Arts Camp is known for being a place of welcome for all children with their unique needs and abilities. At this time, we require at least one volunteer per week who will be partnered with a specific child to assist them during their time at camp in order to provide continuous support (from the time the child arrives at camp, to the time they leave). It is a unique and powerful opportunity to make a connection with a child and to provide the best possible camp experience they can have.

Pre Camp Set-Up (2+ volunteers / week)

Before teachers, volunteers, and campers arrive, the space requires some reconfiguration and set-up to ensure a safe, welcoming, and appropriate environment for the unique courses to occur. As a pre-camp set-up volunteer, you will be asked to come in once or twice to assist camp leaders in preparing the physical spaces and items for camp. Set up will take place either in the evening or on weekends, making this a great option for those who are not available during the day.

Photographer/Videographer (1+ volunteers / week)

A photographer/videographer is essential to capture the excitement and activities of camp. As the photographer/videographer volunteer, you will  visit the various classes to capture the progress, fun, and activities of each day. The volunteer (in concert with camp staff) would prepare a short video for each day, as well as record any final dances and projects for this year’s online Celebration Night (end of week showcase).

Refreshments (Many spots available – see sign-up)

Snacks and meals keep our staff and volunteers going! Providing snacks and/or meal items for the staff and volunteers give them the energy and help build the community needed to sustain a loving and lively program. Below you will find a sign-up sheet to bring either a snack on a given day, or to participate in an end of week meal. This is a wonderful way of volunteering, even if you are not physically able to be at the camp.

Youth Team: Grades 8-12 (5 volunteers / week)

Joining the Youth Team will provide an opportunity to build community and leadership skills with a small group as you support children and teachers to provide a safe and fun camp experience for all. 
Youth Team members will commit to one or both weeks. You will join the camp’s staff in daily tasks, with some added time for team and leadership development, as well as support and encouragement from the Youth Team supervisor. There is also an opportunity to fulfill volunteer hours.