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Finding a Rhythm

Early Christian communities realized their need to be intentional when it came to spiritual growth. They developed a strategy called a rule or rhythm (a statement of intentions) that specifically defined a balanced pattern of how they wanted to live out the life of Christ. An intentional rhythm has helped Christian communities throughout the years to move from just talking about the Christian life to actually practicing life together.” Rhythms are not meant to be onerous or guilt inducing. They simply provide a flexible structure (think about a trellis for your life) that offers support and direction for growth. A rhythm is simply an agreed upon pattern of when your group gathers and what your group does. For example, your Group’s Rhythm may look like the following:


  • WHEN: From October – December, we will meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday night of the month from 6-8pm at Doug’s house.
  • WHAT: Every week, from 6-7 we will share a pot-luck meal.
    • On the First Sunday on the month from 7-8
      we will take turns sharing about our personal faith journeys.
    • On the Second Sunday of the month from 78
      we will discuss the topics presented in the Cedar Park sermons.

Sample Rhythms

Click here to download rhythm samples and templates to write your own.