LIFE Group Hub

Finding Your Rhythm

At Cedar Park we want to empower each LIFE group to find its own rhythm that supports its members in living out the gospel of peace 다운로드. As you help your group find a rhythm that works for you, keep in mind the principles below.

You Group is Unique 

Each LIFE Group at Cedar Park is made up of unique people and each group forms its own dynamic 다운로드. When creating your group’s rhythm feel free to be creative and design something that fits the DNA, needs, and gifts of your people. Each group’s rhythm will look a little different 이북 txt 다운로드.

A Wholesome Rhythm

The Cedar Park family seeks to move together towards wholeness in the following directions:

  • From separation to reconciliation in our relationship with God
  • From fragmentation to integration in our relationship with ourselves
  • From alienation to connection in our relationships with others
  • From exploitation to restoration in our relationship with creation

A holistic LIFE Group rhythm emphasizes each of these relationships 다운로드. A healthy well-balanced circle includes practices that seek to nourish each of the four relationships.

Keep Things Doable

It’s easy to come up with a robust rhythm on paper that has your group feeding the hungry, studying God’s word, spending hours in prayer, and throwing awesome block parties–every month 본 헤이터! However, your group might collapse in exhaustion afterwards, or your leader may find him/herself wondering why attendance drops so quickly. It’s more encouraging to start small, and build on success than it is to go big and have to pare back 톰골드런 다운로드. You don’t have to cover each of the four areas at every gathering! Think about touching on the four relationships over the course of the year.

Be Flexible

People’s lives changes 다운로드. Work hours shift. Sports practice moves. Other responsibilities crop up. It’s helpful to re-visit your rhythm every four months to take the pulse of your group 아크로벳 리더 9 다운로드. How is it going? Can people commit to another four months? Does the date, time, frequency need to change? Do people still have things to offer the group 다운로드? Have people’s needs changed? Listen to the group and restructure accordingly. Frequent conversation along these lines helps encourage commitment.