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Relationship with Others

Below are different group practices that help foster our relationships with Others 신서유기 5 4화 다운로드. You can use these to guide your group through a process of designing your own unique rhythm. Feel free to choose from these or devise your own. Comment on particular resources so we know what has worked for you and what didn’t 다운로드. Have another idea? Add a comment to the Leader’s Input area.

Our relationships with others can be thought of in two directions 다운로드. We live our lives withward & outward. 


We live our lives withward together with one another in our group, sharing our lives, and supporting one another. Below is a list of practices to help your group care for one another and strengthen bonds 다운로드.


The Good & Beautiful Community – Book

James Bryan Smith’s The Good and Beautiful Community: Following the Spirit, Extending Grace, Demonstrating Love is book 3 of a 3 part spiritual formation series designed for group use. Study Guide Included Available in CPC...

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How Do I Help a hurting Friend? – Book

How Do I Help a Hurting Friend? by Rod Wilson looks at the issues of self-image, grief, depression, burnout, and dysfunctional families from a holistic perspective. The book provides practical advice as to how we can wisely support one another in times of need. LB =...

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Gatherings In a way, simply gathering together fosters relationship with others. However, if a group simply focuses on a topical book or Bible study and the conversation mostly stays at an abstract level, it may be difficult for relationships to grow in the group....

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