Spend some time sharing what you have sensed God doing or saying to you in your life. Knowing there will be a time in the month when you are invited to share will help you be open to God’s presence in your life.

Start by opening in prayer and acknowledging God’s presence with you during the week and at present. Then allow a period of silence. Anyone is free to break the silence to share their reflections on where they sensed God in their lives during the week.

Questions to help prompt sharing:

  • What do you sense God is doing in your life? What makes you sense this?
  • What would you like God to do in your life?
  • Can you remember a moment that caught your attention recently that conveyed a sense of Grace or God’s presence?
  • What has brought you joy?
  • Where has there been sorrow?
  • Were there certain places where you felt especially “safe” and “close to God”?
  • How is prayer happening? How is it the same or shifting? Is your prayer life empty, or full, talky or listening? What is spontaneously showing itself in these times that seems of the Spirit?
  • How are you trying to be aware of God’s presence throughout the day?

As each person shares, avoid advice giving unless asked for. After each person shares pray for him/her.