Myanmar 2017: Part 3 – Lighthouse Farm

by | Nov 14, 2017

Friday we travelled to Lighthouse Farm. I’ve heard a lot about lighthouse farm over the past couple of years. Cedar Park Church has been there every step of the way from helping to purchase the land to contributing towards the main buildings there, to giving towards dormitories. It has been a long-term partnership in that way, so obviously, Hans, Kevin, and I were excited to finally see it with our own eyes.

The interesting thing about the taxi is that it was a series of 5 elephants.


We drove as close to the Farm as we could, and then we had to jump out of the van to get into our next taxi. The interesting thing about the taxi is that it was a series of 5 elephants. Not something you see in Ladner everyday!!! We finally arrived at the farm before dark and watched the sunset at the top of the hill. It was so, so beautiful. We slept under mosquito nets listening to the sounds of the jungle and unusually loud snoring!

On Saturday, we woke up and explored a bit more of the farm, getting to see the star beans, velvet beans, date palms, and some of the other smaller structures that have been built on the farm. That day was mostly a rest day, so we mostly laid low but a couple of amazing things happened later that day. We got to meet a 16-year-old girl, who just temporarily moved to the farm (I’ll fill you in on the story another time). She has had a really, really hard life. The good news is that Isaiah has brought her under his family name and adopted her so that she can have a real chance at life. This is just one example of the quality of character that the people in this ministry have. Wow.

We put on a small glasses clinic at the farm on Saturday and were able to fit a number of people with glasses. Some of them walked 2 to 3 hours each way to get a pair of glasses from us. It was a great day all in all but you won’t believe what happened later that and also on Sunday. It was absolutely amazing! We got to see reconciliation happen, first hand, and it opened up an entire new world to us as partners… Stay tuned!!!

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Andrew, Kiven, & Hans in Myanmar