Myanmar 2018 Part 2: Arrival in Yangon

by | Nov 18, 2018

We made it to Yangon, Myanmar and met up with some awesome friends like Dave and Louise Sinclair-Peters and Jeremy Penner 다운로드. We spent our first day getting an orientation to the country of Myanmar and to the work that Pastor Isaiah and his team are doing to share the love of Jesus 다운로드. After that, we hit a downtown market where we could stretch our legs, get some yummy Burmese food, and get a feel for Yangon. That was really welcome after having spent almost 30 hours getting to Myanmar 다운로드.

It was so inspiring to see these young people be so adamant about their faith,

But today… today… was… beautiful mvc 5. We met Zinko, an intern in the church planting ministry who has only started ministering to his neighbourhood for two months. We have been praying for interns like Zinko at Cedar Park for a few months and there is already good fruit 슈퍼로봇대전 f 다운로드. At their Sunday worship service today, Isaiah baptized four new believers, we sang over them and prayed for them. Actually the plan was to baptize 3 people, but we had been praying that God would stir the heart of another person who would also make this profession of daith Audition audition. It was so inspiring to see these young people be so adamant about their faith, their love for Jesus, and desire to be baptized even though there is a significant cost to them 영화 아인 다운로드. Believers, but especially new believers, face a great deal of opposition and pressure from their neighbours in Myanmar. Our team was challenged and inspired by their willingness to share their faith movie just by the wonderful joy from their faces as they welled up with hope in Christ 다운로드.

This was the new church’s first baptisms and the believers there were so encouraged by our presence with them, that others would come to celebrate with them and encourage them 다운로드.

We also helped that new church with a small, but significant outreach to the neighbourhood families. We had games, balloon animals, face paints, snacks, and a whole lot of fun and laughter going around 영화 21 다운로드. Kids came out of the woodwork from all over and learned about why we were there, that we care for them and that God loves them.

It was a beautiful day, our team helped to encourage and serve the new local church, four people were baptized, and new friendships were made. We are excited for another adventure as tomorrow morning we leave for Lighthouse farm. It’s a long drive and a hike into a rural area that we have been praying about for years. There we will do some work on the farm, share friendships with a few of the schools in the area, and run our eyeglasses clinic. Because the farm is pretty remote, you won’t hear from us for a few days, but keep praying for us. We can’t wait to see what God is going to do next here in Myanmar.

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