Myanmar 2018 Part 6: New Life

by | Nov 30, 2018

Isaiah drove up in his pick up truck to the farm after spending countless hours building the bridges and roads… he brought 7 people up to the farm with him in the back of the truck. He had stopped and asked them where they were going earlier, and he offered one of the older men eyeglasses for free as well as a ride to where they were headed 3d print 다운로드. They got in and then came to the farm. They never seen foreigners before, we half felt like ghosts and half like celebrities with they way they looked at us. We fit a couple or them for glasses, and that was just a huge joy.

…it would have been a fantastic day if it ended right there, but then this happened. samsung kies 2.0.

They asked for a picture with us, so we had fun taking pictures with one another. Then, Isaiah asked Kathryn to share about faith in Christ. She shared about who Jesus is, what our faith is about, and how they could come to faith plus that they could talk to Danai and isaiah. Then Isaiah was speaking to them in Burmese Dpp 4 download. He oasked them a few times if they wanted to accept Christ… they all said yes several times, but Isaiah kept telling them more and asking them to be sure.

They prayed a prayer and all seven believers felt it in their heart and confessed with their mouths that Jesus is Lord 다운로드.

Isaiah gave them his card, said they could call him anytime and then Danai, who works the farm and is the church planter for that area, ran back to the house to get his bible so that he could give them his own bible. The man we gave the bible to, needed reading glasses. We had JUST given him reading glasses, and he accepted the bible and began to read the new testament 다운로드. They were so grateful, they were so happy about this faith in Christ.

It was a beautiful moment. We were all in tears by the end of it. What a joy to experience, to be alongside, to join in on. After the group had left, we celebrated.

If Isaiah had not spent the last 17 hours building the road, and several of us spending many hours rebuilding another bridge and road, if we had not been there that week, if we had not brought those eye glasses, we might have missed this divine appointment 오피스 2016 프로페셔널 플러스 다운로드. But God knows what he is doing and we felt like he had been orchestrating this whole thing. Wow!

It has been so challenging in this area to spread the gospel… there has been a lot of opposition lately, but wow. Incredible. Beautiful. New life, right there before our eyes.

We thought that was it for the day, and it would have been a fantastic day if it ended right there, but then this happened…

Later that night, an older man wandered up the hill to the farm 머신러닝에서 딥러닝까지. Word of mouth travels faster than twitter out here. He came up looking for glasses, apparently he had heard on the road that we were handing out glasses. We fit him for glasses but then he also shared that he was having some pain and numbness. Our nurses (Janelle and Cayla) listened to him and helped him with his pain 다운로드. We had the opportunity to pray with him, but then he shared more of his story. A number of years ago, he was selling lottery tickets illegally, a police officer tried to stop his operation, and then he punched the officer. That landed him in jail for a while. We told him that God loves him and can forgive him for all his sins because of the death and resurrection of Jesus, and that this Jesus wants him to follow him into eternal life 다운로드.

The man joyfully accepted this good news, you could see it on his face, we prayed for him to receive Christ and also for his healing. We also gave him a bible that he can now read with his new glasses. Praise God.

We have been praying for this area, for signs of new life, for opportunities, and people are coming to the farm to receive not just glasses, but relationships with Jesus 윈도우 무비 메이커 한글판 다운로드. 8 people today received that incredible gift.

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