“The spiritual journey is a process of dismantling the monumental illusion that God is distant or absent.”

– Thomas Keating

The Cedar Park Prayer Chapel / Hermitage is located in the southeast corner of the church. It is a place where we go to be quiet, alone with God, to discover God who dwells within; and specifically a small room to which we go to pray and meditate.



Prayer Guides

Upon entering the Prayer Chapel on the lower level you will see a desk with an open folder. The binder contains various contemplative prayer guides. Feel free to look through the folder and pull out a particular resource. Bring your prayer guide upstairs for use. When finished feel free to return the guide or to take it home.


A Bluetooth speaker can be found on the lower shelf of the small table next to the reclining chair. Follow the instructions on the shelf to connect your device to the speaker if you wish to play music or be led by an online meditation such as Pray As You Go.


Different Areas for Prayer

There are three different areas within the Prayer Chapel.

Spiritual Friendship Corner

Come with a spiritual friend and engage in an intentional conversation while listening for the work of God in one another’s lives. This corner may also be used for prayer ministry which would take place with three or more people.


Poustinia is a Russian word meaning “desert,” a place of solitude, stillness – the heart alone with God.” Pick up a rock from the bowl outside the Poustinia as a symbol of a burden you bring to God in prayer. Leave the rock behind when you leave. Kneel at the kneeler to come in humility before the Humble One. Intercede for a friend or situation. Allow this sparse space to help your heart focus on God.

Resting Space

Come to stillness held in God’s grace. As you rest in this reclining chair know that you are supported and surrounded by God’s love. Wrap yourself in one of the soft blankets in the basket next to the chair and sense the Spirit’s comfort. Contemplate the icon, painting, or cross that are all within your line of sight from the Resting Space.


The chapel is open during office hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:15-3:30pm and on Sundays from 9-10:30am. To book time, either contact the office (604.946.7410, email) or book it yourself by signing up in the binder at the front desk of the church.


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