Contemplative Prayer (IN-PERSON & ZOOM)

Tuesdays 9:30–10:00 AM

Join us as we listen to a 12-minute guided prayer meditation rooted in Scripture from Pray as You Go 다운로드. Following the exercise participants will have an opportunity to share about their experience. As a church rooted in Anabaptism, we value a community hermeneutic – reading and interpreting Scripture together 다운로드. This is an opportunity to listen with others for what the Word of God, Jesus, might be saying to us at this time.
Join the Zoom gathering:
Password: 477677

Prayer Chain

At Cedar Park Church, we have an active Prayer Chain Ministry 드라이버 스윙 다운로드. We communicate with each other by phone and e-mail to diligently pray for the needs of our church family and our community.  When people are faced with challenges in health or are going through crises, we believe in the power and comfort that comes from asking God for will and direction 정통맞고 2012 다운로드.

If you have prayer requests or would like to participate in the prayer ministry, please contact our Prayer Chain 다운로드.

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