Premarital Counseling

Premarital Process

Cedar Park loves to come alongside couples who are considering the wonderful and transformative commitment of marriage.

Below is a description of our premarital process. You do not have to be engaged, or planning to get married at Cedar Park, to participate in this process. Our premarital process is a prerequisite if you plan to have a Cedar Park pastor officiate your wedding.

Premarital Forms
To begin the process, fill out our Premarital Form.

Book Your Venue
If you plan on getting married at Cedar Park, contact Sophia Chiu to check on the availability of our facility.

Prepare/Enrich Assessment
After receiving your filled out premarital forms, you will be contacted by a pastor who will walk you through the online Prepare/Enrich relationship assessment. You will be sent links to complete the assessment that asks questions regarding topics such as communication, conflict resolution, finances, leisure, family and friends, etc. Upon completion, the pastor will arrange a meeting to review the strengths and growth areas indicated by the assessment.

Marriage Mentoring
You will then be paired with one of our mentoring couples. Over 6-8 sessions, usually 1-2 weeks apart (depending on availability), the mentor couple will guide you through a series of inventories. At the end of each session, each partner will be given a new set of questionnaires that you will independently fill out (as homework). At your next meeting your will verbally share your responses with each other in the safe environment provided by the mentors.

Mentor couples do not serve as counselors or teachers. Their role is to provide a safe environment for you to share your responses, listen well, occasionally share examples from their own marriage, ask clarifying questions, answer any questions you ask them, and support you as a couple.

Ceremony Planning
After your premarital mentoring you will meet again with the pastor who will be performing your wedding ceremony to discuss your  mentoring experience as well as the details of your ceremony.

Get Married
Congratulations, enjoy your special day!

Becoming Marriage Mentors

If you have a heart to come alongside couples considering marriage,  have been married for more than seven years, and are a member of Cedar Park, then please consider joining this meaningful ministry! Contact us to learn more about marriage mentoring and when the next training session is scheduled.

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