Light in the Darkness: Peace

By Lee Kosa – December 18, 2016

As we progress in on our Advent series and prepare our hearts for Christmas, Pastor Lee Kosa explores the question, what does PEACE mean for us…biblically, personally, and globally? This message finished with the congregation participating in a prayer for Aleppo. All who felt led were invited to form two lines at the front of the sanctuary as they prayed lines from a poem written by MCC Ontario executive director Rick Cober Bauman. The poetic prayer is copied below and can be found here.

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Prayer for Aleppo

God of Love who promised us light in the darkest season,
You have not, we know, forsaken any of us.
Even though, when we look around the world, we wonder.

We wonder how the people of Aleppo can sense your love, your peace.
We wonder how the teacher with a rubble-reduced school can sense it.
We wonder how the 11-year-old with a shrapnel-marked face can sense it.
We wonder how the pilot with a barrel-bomb-loaded plane can sense it.

Yet we know the promise of Christmas
Is that you have come
To dwell among such as these;
To be especially present to this teacher, this boy, this pilot.

And we cry.

We cry for wisdom that will call powerful ones to seek the welfare of the poor.
We cry for wisdom that will call powerful ones from the field of battle to the table of talk.
We plead that they may sense the call of your love, your justice, your peace.

We cannot wait, and yet we wait,
On Jesus the Christ,
Born weak
Yet still
Sent to crumbling Aleppo as the Comforter.
Born in terror,
Yet still
Present in sobbing Aleppo as the Prince of Peace.
Born vulnerable,
Yet still
Delivered to stricken Aleppo a Child of Hope.