Unravelling Racism: Part 3 – Identity

By Lee Kosa, featuring Natasha Tunnicliffe & Kate Henderson – November 19, 2017

In our continuing series on unravelling racism, Pastors Lee Kosa, Natasha Tunnicliffe and guest speaker Kate Henderson discuss themes of guilt, shame and identity and members of our congregation lead us through a prayer of confession.

Sermon Visuals

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Litany of Repentance

The service ended with a corporate time of repentance. The prayers given voice by the congregation are below.

We have blinded our eyes
from injustice around us.
We have blocked our minds
from the past and present realities of racism
in our nation and neighbourhood.
Too many deaths,
oo many indignities,
and still we have looked the other way.
Have mercy on us, O Lord.

We have hardened our hearts
refusing to pay attention
to the cost of our privilege.
We have cared too little.
We have grieved too little.
Have mercy on us, O Lord.

We have hardened our hearts.
Our tongues have been silent.
Our laments unspoken,
our eyes dry,
in the presence of discrimination,
that hinders the Kingdom of God.
Have mercy on us, O Lord.

For all the ways we are complicit
in perpetuating racism,
for our sins committed
knowingly and unknowingly,
Forgive us, O Lord


We repent of our self-made identities
crafted in superiority and shame.
We repent of unholy allegiances
and humbly bow before your Name.
Forgive us, O Lord

Our feet
stained with sin,
have not
beautifully brought good news.
Cleanse us, O Lord.

Open our ears to voices we haven’t heard.
Open our eyes to neighbours we’ve ignored.
Move our bodies near to bodies
we’ve passed by.
Revive us, Holy Spirit.

As we worship you,
knit us into a people,
a seamless garment of many textures.
Together may we celebrate our unity,
made whole in our diversity.