Emotional Wellness During Extraordinary Times


Faith, Grief, and COVID-19 – A Conversation

Join us Nov . 8, 15, 22, 29 from 9:30-10:15 am on Zoom for a 4 part Sunday School series called Faith, Grief, and COVID-19: A Conversation. This series, created by Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries, addresses the questions so many of us are facing during this pandemic: How do we understand and process grief as people of faith? How can we support those who are grieving and struggling with anxiety and depression while practicing physical distancing? Where can we find hope and joy in this season? Each session will feature a short video followed by a time of discussion.

Navigating Ambiguous Loss

As a result of the pandemic, many of us are coping with ambiguous loss. Click the link below to learn more about what ambiguous loss is and how to cope during these uncertain times.

Pray as You Stay

Pray as You Go has developed a prayer resource called “Pray as You Stay.” These brief (5-7 minute) daily Scriptural meditations are aimed at supporting people during this time of self-isolation, uncertainty and fear.

Staying Emotionally Well During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Part 2

As we move through this challenging time, you may notice your emotions changing from what they were a week ago . As the reality of our situation settles in, you may find yourself feeling more or less anxiety, sadness, frustration, anger and restlessness. Sometimes, when faced with a difficult situation, our first response can be to tell ourselves to be tough and just get through it. That only takes us so far and can also make us resistant and unaccepting of the difficulties. Most of us are now being faced with having to accept that things are tough and that our difficult situation will not be short-lived. As we accept this, we have opportunities to shift our thinking, change our behaviour and work through our emotions, all in an effort to adapt and be resilient in these difficult times. Registered Clinical Counsellor Kathleen Beaton has offered some more helpful tips for emotional self care.

Meditation and Self-Care During COVID-19

Sanctuary Mtantal Health Ambassador Hillary McBride wrote and recorded a grounding meditation designed for those who may be experiencing heightened anxiety or fear at this time. This meditation is meant to help calm the mind and the body. 3.17.20

Adapting In An Age of Anxiety

This episode of the Family 360 Podcast walks the uprooted and unsettled ground of our world health pandemic. Life is disrupted and stress and anxiety are natural responses in the midst of health, financial and family concern. Dr. Vanessa Lapointe and David Loyst help us manage the stress adults, young children, and adolescents are experiencing in this challenging time.

Counselling Referrals

Click here for a list of registered counselors who practice in the Delta area.

Online Counselling for Front Line Workers

Are you working the front lines of the pandemic? Whether you’re an employee of a grocery store, care aide, truck driver, or otherwise? Alongside You is offering online counselling to support you.

Novena for Times of Unraveling

A Novena is an ancient mystical practice of setting aside daily time for prayer for a specific concern over nine days. We are in the midst of many global crises at the moment, with COVID-19 meaning we have large scale shut down of our cities and towns. This  Novena was created in a spirit of coming together during a time when we are strongly encouraged to self-isolate for the greater good.

From March 17-25, 2020 Christine Valters Paintner hosted a daily live webinar session for nine days (they were all recorded) in which Christine leads participants into prayer and meditation. Sessions include time in silence together, reflection on a helpful spiritual practice, short guided meditation, sharing, song, and poetry. John Valters Paintner offers a daily written scripture reflection which you can carry into your day through the practice of lectio divina or sacred reading.

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