She’s an Inspiration

Mar 25, 2019

I’d like to tell you about a woman I hope you all get the pleasure of meeting one day 기타 mr. Her name is Pew Wine. She is Pastor Isaiah’s cousin, lives in the village beside Lighthouse farm, single and probably in her late 20’s.  She took a few months of midwifery courses and is the only person in all the surrounding villages that has any sort of healthcare training 삼국지 9pk 다운로드. And let me tell you, she is amazing!! People walk for HOURS to come see her, with any kind of medical problem they may be having- midwifery related or not 다운로드. Cayla and I spent our first day at farm meeting with Pew Wine- asking her questions about her life and her experiences. She shared what she loved, what her dreams are, what her passions are, what has been difficult, and how we can best help her moving forward 대통령의 7시간 다운로드. She shared with us how overwhelming it is for her that she only has a few months of training in midwifery and yet people come from all over to see her for ALL problems 다운로드. She told us how she wishes she knew more and had more education. She told us her dream of opening a clinic in the area for all the villagers that could be affordable for everyone to come to.

It was incredible hearing how selfless, passionate, and driven she is. We could not have done the week of healthcare training without her. She went into the villages and convinced people to come up to the farm to see us. At first Pew Wine seemed very timid and quiet with us but once her people started showing up at the farm she just lit up! It was so evident the love she has for her community and how well respected and adored she is by everyone. It was so fun to spend the week dreaming with her, encouraging her, affirming all the incredible work she has already been doing and furthering her knowledge base.

It was so fun to spend the week dreaming with her, encouraging her

Cayla and I spent most of our afternoons at the farm leading educational lessons with her, covering topics she asked to learn about. Instead of coming in and teaching what we thought she should learn, it was a cool experience to hear from her first. To see what sort of cases and diseases she commonly sees and any questions that have come up. We taught her about infant nutrition, how to measure for child malnutrition, first-aid, wound care, injuries, fevers, malaria, dengue, diabetes and more. She was so eager to learn! We were able to leave her with a lot of medical resources, medications and equipment which we educated her on. Throughout our healthcare workshops at the farm with the communities, we were able to tell the participants to follow-up with Pew Wine and come to her if they start having certain symptoms. She is such a huge asset to these communities. It is amazing to have someone already living in the area, someone people already trust, someone who has a huge heart for helping their community and someone who already has a dream to bring better healthcare to the area. In my mind, this is what will make this change sustainable. I’m so excited for Cedar Park to come alongside Pew Wine and help empower her to make her dreams come a reality—whether that means sending her for more education, doing more trainings at the farm, helping her start up a clinic etc etc etc. Let’s start dreaming! This is exciting stuff!!!!

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