stumbles & strides

A blog for the people of Cedar Park to share stories of our everyday stumbles and strides in following Jesus.

What’s this about? Read the post Seeds of Peace to learn more.


Rising to the Occasion

Earlier this year I attended a retreat called “RISE UP” with a few other women from our church. I knew nothing about the retreat, the people organizing it or what to expect. Most of my traveling companions were relative strangers at the time. It was an unusual...

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500 Hours Outside

Last summer I decided to challenge myself and my kids to see if we could do 500 hours outdoors. I was inspired by a woman's blog I had been following called 1000 hours outside - her idea was that the average child spends 1000 hours per year sitting in front of a...

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Seeds of Peace

On Earth Day 2017 I attended a workshop at Cedar Park called Gardening with God led by contemplative activist, author, and master gardener Christine Sine. At the beginning of the workshop, Christine mentioned that her exploration of gardening and spirituality began as...

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