Our Team


Sophia Chiu – Administrative Assistant

Sophia Chiu and her family joined Cedar Park Church in 2007, and she started working in the office as an administrative assistant since August 2008.  Sophia enjoys the diversity of her job, providing reception, pastoral support, maintenance of newsletters and bulletins, coordinator of church and rental events, and accounts payable. At home she enjoys trying new recipes and cooking delicious meals.

Contact Sophia at admin@cedarparkchurch.org

Darren DeMelo – Associate Pastor: Worship & Intergenerational Ministries


“Sure, but how can we make it better?”, is one of Darren’s favourite questions. And this applies to everything – from a worship song to a family game to meals with friends and strangers to a strategic business decision. With a music background and a Masters in Theological Studies, Darren is ever creative, ever open, ever imaginative in the ways we discover and express God’s Kingdom in life and in liturgy. Asking big questions has led Darren and family (Julie, Nora and Simon) into incredible experiences of living in community, owning a café and even making their way from Waterloo, Ontario to Ladner. Darren brings this same curiosity, creativity and hope to his relationships and the world, seeking to be an agent of reconciliation and peace in all he and his family does. Written by Sarah Whyte

Contact Darren at darren@cedarparkchurch.org

Lee Kosa – Lead Pastor

Lee brings a unique blend of creativity and authenticity to the role of lead pastor at Cedar Park. Lee has a bachelor’s degree in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. After working in the field of marketing, communications, and design, Lee and his wife Sage moved to Canada where Lee earned his master’s of divinity from Regent College before serving as a pastor in Vancouver for several years. Lee enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, (Lucas, Jude, and Eden) and his newest creative outlet is dabbling in the genre of spoken word poetry which he sneaks into sermons whenever he gets the chance. Lee is also passionately committed to pursuing peace in his relationships at home, work, and in his local community.

Contact Lee at lee@cedarparkchurch.org

Megan Simpson – Associate Pastor: Children’s Ministry

There is room for us all in God’s kingdom. And that’s the reality that Megan seeks to make clear in her role as Associate Pastor of Children’s Ministries. After working with kids for nearly two decades, and raising a family of her own, Megan has grown in her passion for helping children to see the reality of God’s kingdom all around them, and for encouraging them to find ways they can partner with God in His everyday good work. With a bachelor’s degree in education, and another in science, Megan loves to journey with kids as they explore and question the world in which they find themselves, helping them to better understand their place within it as fully loved and fully valued members of God’s community. Megan and her husband (Mike) have four kids (Levi, Amelia, Chloe and Elias). Together they enjoy stories, camping, hot drinks, and kitchen dance parties.

Contact Megan at megan@cedarparkchurch.org


Please email the church office if you would like the contact information of any of our elders.

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