All Church // Community Worship Gathering

Next Porch Gathering TBD


About The Porch…

In the past, the front porch has served as both the entryway into your home and as the place you gather to observe and engage with your neighborhood. A porch was part of the home and the community, it was a place where family, friends and visitors could feel equally welcome. Today, The Porch is a community of people who gather to know Jesus and make him known. Porch is more than a place we gather, more than the words we speak, and more than the songs we sings.

The Porch is an All Church // Community Worship Gathering that invites people to experience the life changing work of Jesus, through worship, word and testimony. Our Porch team is made up of youth, young adults, adults, and young families, who are passionate about worship and encountering God. Porch is open to everyone, young and old, we hope that you will grab a few friends and join us.