Working Towards Shalom in a Racialized World

The witness of Scripture is clear. We are to “learn to do good, seek justice, and encourage the oppressed” (Isaiah 1:17). Jesus affirms that we are to love our neighbour as ourselves (Luke 10:27). Below is a list of resources to increase our awareness of the impact of racism and to help us move towards faithful justice and neighborly love in the way of Jesus.

Anti-racism Resource List

This list of anti-racism resources (books for adults & children, articles, online videos, etc.) was crowdsourced from the congregation and curated by the Cedar Park staff. The list is dynamic so check the link for new additions. You can access the list here.

Cedar Park Sermon Series

Unravelling Racism is a sermon series delivered at Cedar Park in 2017 by Kate Henderson, Lee Kosa, and Natasha Tunnicliffe. This 4-part series includes study guides for individuals and small groups. Topics include racism, white supremacy, denial, guilt, shame, meritocracy, intent vs. impact, positionality, repentance, colourblindness, privilege, humble listening, cross-racial relationships and anti-racist action.



Anti-racism Learning Group

In July Cedar Park ran a 4 part learning series based on Be the Bridge 101. To be peacemakers, we must be willing to learn and understand our own prejudices and biases. This course was for those wanting a take some steps, in a safe conversational environment, to enter conversation on race and racism. We plan to run another version of this series soon.

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