What are we about?

Inviting people to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

We invite (we don’t coerce, guilt, or trick) people to open themselves up to experience Jesus (not just learn, read, or think about him). This ongoing, real, and personal encounter is life-changing.

What is our Story?

Welcome to Cedar Park is a four part sermon series that explores the following aspects of our story

  • Our Origin Story: How We Began & Who We Have Become
  • Our Larger Family Story: Heretics, Radicals, & Refugees
  • Our Emphases: Worshipping & Following Jesus
  • How We Hold our Beliefs: A Centered People

What does this look like?

It’s all about relationships. By God’s grace we seek to move together towards wholeness in the following directions:

  • From separation to reconciliation in our relationship with God
  • From fragmentation to integration in our relationship with ourselves
  • From alienation to connection in our relationship with others
  • From exploitation to restoration in our relationship with creation

THE WHOLE STORY is s sermon series that explores the biblical roots of our fourfold vision.


What do we value?


A Clear Biblical Message

The scriptures are God’s timeless and living message that speaks into all of life. We value the truth of God expressed in a clear and relevant way. This includes personal, small group and public teaching of the Word of God. Our message is one of simple faith in Jesus Christ and His work for us through His death and resurrection.


Inspiring and Unifying Worship

We believe that true worship is contemplating and celebrating all that God is and does, and we are inspired to respond with all that we are and do. We believe in corporate worship that is multigenerational, engaging and participatory. Through diverse elements such as communion, baptism, music, prayer, scripture, the arts, and a lifestyle of worship we seek to delight God’s heart, tell God’s story, and serve God’s people.


A Life Changing Relationship with Jesus Christ

We believe that the heart of Christianity is a personal and life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship begins and grows by trusting in Him and following Him in daily obedience so that we become more and more like Him.


Need-Oriented Evangelism

We value all people as Jesus did, accepting them where they are while inviting them to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. We seek to share the gospel in ways that address the questions and needs of ordinary people. This also includes lifestyle evangelism by making our workplace our pulpit in life.


Empowering People for Ministry

We equip and encourage believers through purposeful discipleship to serve to their full potential as God calls them. This means we recognize gift based ministry and a leadership style that facilitates and equips rather than dictates.


Community Involvement

We believe that we are to be rooted and active in our local community. We believe in networking with other agencies and church ministries in our community to further the gospel in word and deed.


Global Involvement

We believe we are to be active globally. We believe in partnering with other agencies and church ministries globally through evangelizing/discipling, church planting, relieving poverty, encouraging indigenous churches, developing leadership and transformation, fostering peace and reconciliation, and being stewards of creation.


Holistic Small Groups

We believe the most conducive environment for life change is found in relationships. Forming groups for mutual care, ministry, and outreach is an essential part of our function as a church family. This includes forming a community, discovering giftedness, and using opportunities to serve one another across age boundaries.


Loving Relationships

We believe cultivating authenticity in our communication and integrity and respect in our relationships are critical for spiritual growth. This cultivation includes problem solving in an atmosphere of affirmation, confrontation and vulnerability. It also involves providing opportunities for the various ages to minister to and be ministered to by one another.



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