Women's Bible Study

Spring 2019

The Women’s Bible Study is open to all women who are looking to explore Scripture together 다운로드. This winter we are running a study on Tuesday mornings. Childcare will be provided. Join us!

Elijah – Spiritual Stamina in Every Season – by Melissa Spoelstra

Life is like a rollercoaster 대진 제국 다운로드. One day it seems that everything in life is good, and the next day it can feel like everything is falling apart. Then there are those in between days when we’re coasting along without much thought to the highs or lows 다운로드.

In this six-week study grounded in 1 and 2 Kings, we will examine the life of the prophet Elijah, an ordinary man who did extraordinary things for God in the midst of the highs and lows of life 사자 소리 다운로드. We’ll learn some of the spiritual stamina secrets that helped him to hold on and persevere in faith, including practical habits related to making decisions, caring for the soul, accepting circumstances, mentoring, and finishing well—our ultimate legacy 다운로드.

6 weeks, Tuesday, Feb 12-Mar 19

9:30am–11:30am (childcare provided) or 7:00pm-9:00pm

Workbook $20

Contact our church office to register:
  or 604.946.7410

More details: https://bit.ly/2VzOAF8