Questions & Responses

Q: Why are we moving our Sunday service onto a different platform?
R: The hope in moving our Sunday services onto Zoom is that we will increase our engagement with each other by seeing each other’s faces, knowing who we are participating with, hearing from each other in real time, and sharing and receiving each other’s hopes and concerns. We hope that this will grow, stretch, and support our worshiping community into greater awareness and participation in the work of the Spirit among us.

Q: How will the Sunday services be promoted?
R: Our current means of communication will continue. The eNewsletter, email, and Facebook will continue to be filled with relevant information for our community life. There will be an invitation for any and all to join into the Sunday service over Zoom.

Q: How will I receive or find the Zoom login code?
R: The recurring link and password to our online gathering will be found in our eNewsletter, which gets emailed to anyone who requests it and is also posted below. Alternatively, you can call or email CPC’s office.

Q: What is the time and length of the service?
R: The service will take place at 10:30am to about 11:15am, with the option to stay on for further conversation and prayer.

  • Note: The Zoom room will open at 10:15am. This is a good time to join if you may need help connecting onto Zoom for our service.
  • Feel free to contact Pastor Lee if you are having trouble accessing the Zoom on Sunday morning.

Q: What will our Sunday services look like over Zoom?
R: Upon entry to the Zoom room, our host will welcome us, help troubleshoot any technical issues, and give us some space to get settled before the service begins. Next, we will be led through announcements, prayers, songs of worship, scripture reading, homily, and communion, all pre-arranged and led by our gifted Cedar Park leaders. Conversation and prayer together will follow for anyone who chooses to remain on the call.

Note: the scripture reading and homily will be recorded. This recorded portion will be uploaded to our YouTube channel for future engagement.

Q: Is this gathering kid friendly?
R: You bet. Our services will be intentionally interactive to engage the littlest among us, especially the front half of the service.

Q: Will I need to talk or be seen?
R: No. You will not be expected to turn on your microphone or video. No one will be called upon to share unexpectedly, however, there will be opportunities to contribute, as with Psalms of the Street, or ‘passing the peace’ with each other.

The chat function will be turned on for anyone to message each other or message the entire group.

We seek to create and foster a culture of safety and accessibility for our gatherings where anyone is welcome to participate at their own comfort level, while also encouraging engagement with each other.

Q: What about those who want to watch the service at a later time?
R: For those choosing not to participate live, they will be able to listen to the scripture reading and homily at a later time.